Age of Exalted
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Thursday, 16 December 2010 16:34

The Mask took Thorns years ago and the Realm did not react. She who Must be Obeyed makes her move and takes Lookshy for her own and still it looks as if Creation takes another blow lying down.

But all is not lost.

Something wondrous happened in the Cursed City, the City of Makers - Denandsor.  Once a cursed and desolate city locked away behind an unbreakable miasma, it is now alive. Aided by the Chosen and thriving, it sees new citizens finding their way to its gates daily. The promise of acceptance, freedom, opportunity and perhaps even safety against the darkness that lurks to pounce on Creation brings hope to those that thought to have lost it.

The city welcomes all who would not harm it, and any that feel that they have lost all - or are about to - do not hesitate to relocate to its territory. When Lookshy fell, the survivors established themselves to some of the many available buildings, remnants of the First Age. When the Marukani felt the pincer of two Deathlords close in around them, they begin relocating to the wide fields to Denandsor's north. Every slave that escapes the Guild's clutches of slave hunters makes a mad dash for the city that offers immediate freedom and an opportunity to make a life.
Even the foreigners that are rumored to have an affinity for magitech only rivaled by the Mountainfolk, have found a place to call home near the Celestial Forges, the trio of Factory Cathedrals in Denandsor, and their land of origins is but a whisper of rumored imagination. Who knows what malady has befallen those people that adorn their foreheads with gems?

And what of the Realm?

Still locked in the web of internal strife and intrigue, increasingly worried of the powers that establish themselves while threatening its own, it lashes out.
And while desperation has settled for the Bull of the North, and its mounted offense against Denandsor has declined into a last ditch effort of guerrilla tactics and spy-craft, the eyes of the Realm turn frightfully to the other directions, or even their well-established center.



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