Incident report: Assassination attempt

Incident report: Assassination attempt

Postby Jinxy13 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:23 pm

A file is submitted for review:

Incident Location: Outside the Forges used by the Yugashi
Time: Evening.
Damages: 12 Civilians with concussions and light hypothermia/frostbite, 1 Peacekeeper casualty.
Peacekeepers were called after incident took place. Peacekeeper on scene killed. Two assailants attempted to kill a Demon-Blooded and a Spider-based Beastwoman. Attempt thwarted by actions of Unified Armitage (See attached note: Yugashi Champion) and Sunlit Rose (Solar, Twilight.) Assailants not found, though reported that at least one was deceased. no body found. One was thrown through a window into the forge and reportedly impaled on a sharp bit of metal. Second Assailant survived blast and reportedly disappeared in a puff of smoke. Peacekeeper in the area found decapitated in an alley with a message written in blood on the wall of aforementioned Alley: "We were watching. We are coming."
No civilian casualties.
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