Vengeful Lover of Poisoned Waters

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Postby Archangel » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:26 am

He looked at the dagger again and thought about it, he looked at Moonlit sleeping, and imagined the dagger plunged into her heart,
the look of betrayal on her face, the hurt, the pain, the confusion. Would she curse him as she slipped into the blackness, would
she linger as a ghost hating him, haunting him, attempting to harm him, would he use this powers to bind her ghost to something,
force himself upon her as a mere shade, he clutch the knife and took a deep breath.

"Shade attend me.." He waited as the ghost materialized, he regarded it for a moment then spoke simply and to the point.

"Tell your mistress that I have plans that I need attend too, and that my own counsel will I keep on matters, and my own
choices I will now address and that she should look to her own house before she attempts to bring my into order,
now be gone.. and do not return."

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Postby Archangel » Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:39 pm

*his crisped hands began to heal, and heal at a inhuman pace, after a while, the dead flesh dropped off. He looked at
his now ivory white fingers and looked toward his bow* They will me to slay.. very well, we shall begin a blood letting..

*his first stop was a seldom visited hostel, the guard at the door raised a hand in recognition and died as the blackened
arrow pierced his left eye, tearing through his brain and silencing him. Vengeful began to mutter arcane sounds seldom
heard in creation and the mans skeleton tore free of its fleshy pouch and began to batter down the door of the hostel.
Vengeful snatched up the lantern left on the table and removed the glass from around the burning flame and with a
arrogant toss put it through the window, he watched as the flames began to rise and soon forms came barreling out
of the place only to die, he spent a few moments tossing the bodies back into the hungry flames, he then looked over
at the skeleton dancing amongst the flames until it was finally consumed*

*he lighted upon the home of mercnenary captain and rapped gently on his door, when the man came out to see
what was going on, Vengeful was through the window and into his bedroom, he snatched up the soft form in his
bed and battened his fangs upon it, draining the blood from it, stealing its life, and essence. He took it all from her
leaving her laying in the bed again, it would be morning before the man realized his favorite whore was nothing more
than a cold corpse*

*Throughout that night and for the next two after that, agents of the Lover Clad in Rainment of Tears perished, everyone
he knew of came to a grizzly end, stabbed, burned, riddled with arrows, exsanginated, places burned, ships were cut loose
to drift into the darknes, only to explode in bright white balls of flame and showers of wood, and none were able to guess
that the black shadow near the eaves of homes, that gust of chill wind that passed them was responsible, soon
everyone who had any knowledge of where Vengeful Lover of Poisoned Waters would lay his head, or how he was contacted
easily was dead, agents of a deathlord whom he now despised, she who was in league with those who had tried to
kill his mate, his child..* I will find a way... I swear it, I will find a way to close the door on the Neverborn, I will
seal them inside their tombs, so that only their own fretful sounds are their company..

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Postby Archangel » Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:41 pm

*Vengeful sends a servant around with a resource 2 payment for Honey blossom on the furs she sold him*

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Postby Archangel » Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:13 pm

((Giving Moonlit Reign access to my Resources 4 to help fix her little kung fu robot))

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Postby Archangel » Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:13 pm

He could feel the Essence in him pulsing, concentrating, a new level of ability was blossoming for him. He could
feel the strength flowing into him. Forging him into a more powerful being, he thought of Moonlit Reign, and their
child. He needed to protect them more than ever, he reached across the table and took up Despair's Kiss and looked
at it, it was a weapon of agony and woe, but it could do more if he willed it, he looked down at the band on his finger
and his mind trailed to a previous time and place, where he wore it before, in different body and in a different time.

He raised the bow and sighted along it, and looked over at the ebony wood arrows, fletched with the black leather
he chose. A solar.. the thought slipped unbidden into his mind, he tried to see himself with gold on his forehead
and not wanting the taste of blood anymore. How would it be to walk in the daylight without the crush of it
against his very soul. How would that life taste, how would it feel.

Something inside him both strove toward it and at the exact moment, it also repulsed him like nothing else.

He saw himself standing over the slowly fading form of his former mistress and that thought of it, both
thrilled and worried him. Creation was never meant to have the Deathlords, it was the mistake of his
previous self's peers, they killed beings who helped create the very world they lived in, how could they
not see a problem from that.

He slid the blades out of his vambrace, and looked at them, he knew that in the end, his change would
be bloody, all change was, but he had to try, better to die on his feet, than continue to kneel for
a spectral whore and her pathetic minions.

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Postby Archangel » Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:20 pm

Against my better judgement, I am going to provide the needed silver for Murmur's mirrors. It might be the worst thing I have done,
but then again, if it takes me closer to a golden hue.. what do I lose from doing so.. ((Providing my resources for murmur's mirrors))

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Postby Archangel » Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:08 pm

After his Essence had concentrated again giving him access to more power (Essence 4), Vengeful finds himself
with a lover almost ready to give birth, he knows that when she does the Neverborn will punishment. He decides
that before it happens he will distance himself from Reign so that when she is getting ready to give birth
he will be far away from her, and thus she will come to no harm from his resonace.

It would seem that old enemies are slipping away, and new problems have arisen, Inescapble Joy has arrived
in the city, not a chance arrival, nothing more than his former liege attempting to use the delights of her
servant to lure him back to her duty. He should kill her, strike before she has time to gather her resources,
kill her before she finds away to sink into his life, kill her before he shames his commitment to Moonlit Reign
by bedding Joy again.

So many things to consider..

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Postby Archangel » Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:54 am

Vengeful is going to meet up with Warden, Night Blossom and Murmur and find what happened to
Moonlit Reign and maybe he will get to kill a god in the process.

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Postby Archangel » Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:56 pm

Vengeful Lover takes Moonlit Reign on a shopping spree and buys her clothes, weapons, armor whatever her little heart desires ((allowing Moonlit Reign access to my resource 4)

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Postby Juggernaut » Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:27 pm

then next time you see a reflexive surface you will get a message from your deathlord

you need to find your sister joy and get her out of whom ever is holding her im sure you can find her no problems and when you do find her you can teach her why you should get yourself out of harms way on your own and not come crying to me or the neverborn oh and i miss you come home soon!
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