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Postby Tycon » Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:01 pm

Nodding at Murmer, "Having finally had a chance to speak with Vigo, I would agree with him being on the police council. With him and Blossom, a member of Lokoshy would be an appropiate third." Looking at Carn for his opinions on the matter.
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Re: Law Enforcement

Postby Tycon » Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:46 pm

(Like with the restrictions thread, since I think we are all mostly in agreement, and in the hopes of getting some more officiail things down, I think the following should be considered as law/a decision by the council unless someone objects in the next 48 hours real time)

Night Blossom, Vigilant Shrouded Sentinal, and a NPC to be named by Carn that should be relatively strong and unbiased, will take charge of a police council. It will the police council's duties to organize and oversee law enforcement groups within Denandsor and its territories, and enforce the laws and will of the Denandsor council.

The following shall become laws of Denandsor:

A. All who reside within the city of Denandsor or its territories shall:
1. Not bring an army or other large armed force into Denandsor without permission of the council.
2. Not falsely claim to be a representative of the council.
3. Not shelter another who has violated the laws of the council.
4. Not commit assualt or murder.
5. Not take that which rightly belongs to another.

B. All violations of a law put forth by the council is subject to punishment as perscribed by the council or adjudicating body formed thereby.

C. The decision of whether or not a law has been violated is up to the council or an adjudicating body formed thereby.
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