Finalised Councilor Removal and Election Processes

Finalised Councilor Removal and Election Processes

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Counselor Selection:

The group relevant to the vacant seat proposes a Counselor Elect. The Counselor Elect must be validated by the group he or she represents, by that group's chosen methods. Once that validation is complete the candidate takes the Oath of Office, sanctified by a Solar Exalt of the Eclipse Caste, and gains the appropriate Seat as a Counselor. The default process for selecting a Councilor Elect for every group is outlined below. If a group wishes to change their system a proposal must be made to the Denandsor Council outlining the new method, and have the support of at least three quarters of the current members of that group living in the city or its territories.

A member of a group is defined as someone who meets the criteria of the group, and has been living in Denandsor or one its territories for at least 3 months. Once someone is named apart of a specific group, they can only change groups with the approval of their current representative and the current representative of the group they wish to join. If a member has not verified their presence either in person or by verified proxy within 3 months they are no longer considered a member of their former group.

The five groups are recognized as Yugashi, Lookshyans, Solars, Lunars, and the remaining inhabitants of the city. Their membership requirements are as follows:
  • Yugashi: A Yugashi is acknowledged as one by holder of the Gemstone Seat, the Yugashi government, or one of its representatives.
  • Lookshyan: A Lookshyan is a former of age Citizen or Helot of Lookshy, or is accepted into a family of such, or acknowledged as such by the current holder of the Jade Seat.
  • Solar: A Solar is Solar exalt, or a child of such with solar powers and acknowledged as such by the Solar councilor.
  • Lunar: A Lunar is Lunar exalt, or a child of such with lunar powers and acknowledged as such by the Lunar councilor.
  • Not apart of the above: A citizen of Denandsor who is at least 16 years of age and not a member of any other group.

The default processes for selecting a councilor elect are as follows:
  • Gemstone Seat (Yugashi): The holder of the Gemstone Seat is directly appointed by the local Yugashi government, through a notice to the council.
  • Jade Seat (Lookshyan): The holder of the Jade Seat is selected by a majority of votes cast among the voting populace of the Lookshyans, verified by appropriate voting auditors.
  • Gold Seat (Solar): The holder of the Gold Seat is affirmed by a majority of all members of the Solar group before the council. How they are selected is up to the group.
  • Silver Seat (Lunar): The holder of the Silver Seat is affirmed by a majority of all members of the Lunar group before the council. How they are selected is up to the group.
  • Marble Seat (Everyone else): The holder of the Marble Seat is selected by a majority of votes cast amongthe voting populace of those not affiliated with another group.


To be eligible for the position of Councillor, the nominee must fulfill the following requirements:

  • S/he must be a resident of Denandsor.
  • S/he must have lived in Denandsor for at least 3 seasons.
  • S/he must not be part of the Sub-Council of Election Supervision. If a nominee attempts to become a Councillor, they surrender their place in the Sub-Council Pool (See below)
  • S/he may not have committed crimes which, according to the judiciary committee, would make him/her ineligible for office


For those groups that choose elections, when an election is called for the position of a Councillor, the affected group have one season to tally nominees and make their decision. Nominee should state their intention to run for the position at the beginning of this period, but if all nominees are slain, captured or otherwise rendered incapable of participating, others may join in the race later then the start.

During the Season, the nominee are free to garner support, with the following restrictions:

  • S/he may not use charms, sorcery or artifacts that warp another's mind in an unnatural fashion. Charms or other factors that allow a candidate to speak more persuasively or better understand the group's desires are explicitly permitted.
  • S/he may not use threats of violence, blackmail or other types of extortion to garner votes.
  • S/he may not try to frame election violations on other nominees.
  • S/he may not try to rig the selection of Observers.
  • S/he may not employ others to commit the above actions on his/hers behalf.

The election will be supervised by the Sub-Council of Election Supervision, who can vote on whether or not a violation has occurred. Nominee should keep in mind that the Sub-Council are encouraged to use their own discretion to follow the SPIRIT of the rule, rather then the letter, and any attempt to circumvent it or trying to be clever about it will likely result in being ruled to be in violation of the rule. Any nominee who are judged to be in violation is immediately disqualified. Any nominee who is ruled to be in violation in three separate elections (or especially horrendous breaches) is barred from taking part in future elections and will face legal repercussions to match the crime.

The final vote is cast at the end of the season and the winner is decided. Citizens who are away from the city at this time on official business--such as soldiers on campaign--may cast their vote by proxy. The Councillor swears the sanctified oath of office and may begin serving.

The Sub-Council of Election Supervision

This three-member sub-council is a temporary one that comes together whenever an election is to be held and use the title 'Observer'. The role of the sub-council is to watch the election procedure for violations and report them as appropriate.

The Sub-Council has a rotating cast of Observers, to prevent the accumulation of power or sloth, and the sitting panel is replaced with every election. Every Councillor may nominate two Observers, who are then added to a pool, and the panel of observers are decided by lottery. Observers swear a sanctified oath to do their duty with honesty and integrity, and let nothing tempt them from doing so.

The nomination of an Observer may be blocked by a majority vote of the Council.


A Councillor can be removed from his position in the following ways.

  • If s/he is convicted of any crime in which the Judicial sub-council recommends the counselor's removal from office, or in which the counselor is prevented (such as by imprisonment) from performing his or her duties. Counselors indicted for crimes may not be tried by the Council--if a Justice Sub-comittee is unable to reach a unanimous judgement three times in a row, the majority opinion of all nine judges shall determine the guilt of the accused.
  • By a vote of no confidence by a majority of the Councillor's Representative group (a petition containing at least 10% of the group, or a minimum of two people, can call for such a vote. Each subsequent petition for a vote of no confidence within a five-year period will require an additional 10% of the voting population--the second must contain at least 20% to be valid, the third must contain 30%, etc.--to a maximum of 50%) When such a petition is brought to the Council, the Counselor may dispute its veracity, in which case one month will be given to investigation by the Sub-Council of Election Supervision. For the Gold and Silver Seats, this vote will be taken of all of-age members of the corresponding group. For the Jade and Marble Seats, majority will decided relative to the voting populace.
  • In case of the Yugashi counselor, by decision of the Yugashi government via a notice to the Council.
  • If the counselor should die, resign, or abandon his or her duties for more than one month without stated reason or expectation that he or she will return.

If a Councillor is removed, a new election is called with all the rules mentioned above.

Unfilled Seats

While the Council has less than its full complement of five members:

Decisions which would normally require unanimous consent among the Council may not change any current law (although new law may be established) or modify election procedures in any way.

Unanimous decisions made by an incomplete council must be approved by any counselors filling seats that were empty when the decision was made. If this approval is not granted within one month of taking office, the decision is reversed.

Decisions which require a majority of votes will still require at least three votes.

Empty seats may not be allowed to remain unfilled. If a seat is empty for one of the reasons in the Removal section above, an election must be held within 45 days.

Other Votes

Raksha and Deathknights may be granted citizenship with 3 votes from the Denandsor council.

Marshals and Sub-councilors require 4 votes to be placed in office, and are removed by 3 votes of the Denandsor Council.
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