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Firewander Market

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Market is a loose description of the place actually.

Groups of people started coming together in a single place to barter and trade for what they needed and it grew. Soon, Firewander had it's own marketplace, but it was a far cry different from those well known established markets in Nexus.

Makeshift stalls lined the filthy street to sell scrap that was gleaned from the more well off areas. Scrap, Cast-offs, vegetables grown in gardens, handwoven wearables, and the Firewander delicacy which is a 2-headed, 6-legged rat which grows to the size of a small cat and is basted in a red spice and grilled on a stick.

The goods to be found in this market change with what is available, but sometimes you can find rare baubles which have been unearthed in one of the dangerous buildings close to the dome. Few will go near it, but those brave enough sometimes find some interesting bauble and it is displayed in the market for sale.
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