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Structure of Sijan Town:

Sijan Town has a strange resemblance of the Plans of the Dead back in Sijan, many forms of Tombs litter the ‘town’ making it more of a small city of old and new stone dedicated to the departed, than any town worth living in. Due to the size of Sijan Town, many Tombs have been built into the ground with the entrances at the surface. The construction of such tombs also added tunnels leading to other chambers where more tombs remain, creating a dark labyrinth in some places, making it difficult to find your way out if you do not know your way around. Near the center of the town stands a large mausoleum. From the outside it stands at two stories, however once within it drops another two stories into the earth. The Mausoleum is fairly open, with maybe one or two side rooms; however at the very bottom are two doors. It’s believed that those doors lead to the tombs of two ancient Dragon Blooded that commissioned the Mausoleum; however no one, save the Righteous Order of Morticians and Embalmers has ever entered those doors.

The Dormitory is where the Morticians, members of the Black Guard and Conscripts live in. The Dorm remains near the entrance of the District and the dorm is an old round building looking to be about two stories from the outside. However entry shows it is also dug into the earth much like the Mausoleum, save that its only an extra story below the earth. The Dormitory can hold up to two hundred bodies at maximum, while a hundred leaving one person per room. The living Elders of the Order have their own rooms at the bottom level while the youngest of the order have their rooms at the top. Out of all the orders the Dead speakers are given a certain set of rooms at the bottom of the floor as well, simply because their duties require them to commune with the dead, and most of the rooms for rituals remain at the bottom, along with the embalmers laboratories. The only room among the center tier that is of any importance is the kitchen where food is served three times a day with a single cook available at night for the ‘graveyard’ shift. The Library remains at the bottom as well, seemingly tucked away, almost hidden and only given access to members who are of Scribe standing or higher. Also besides the library, laborites and ritual rooms, remain the passage ways to the tombs of the Ancestors, which are the tombs of the oldest of the Morticians who remain behind, even after death, to help guide the order in Nexus. Now, only the members of Adept or higher in standing are given the right to enter these tombs, unless the member is specifically summoned by the Ancestors.

Inhabitants of Sijan Town:

Though Sijan Town is simply a small district within the larger district of Nighthammer, it does not mean it is any less trafficked by the living (or dead). Sijan Town sees many visitors who come to pray to the dead of their ancestors, often times bringing goods to be offered, animals to be sacrificed and in some rare occasions, though no one willing to openly share, the sacrifice of slaves. Yet these are just visitors to the town and not those who work and (or) reside within the town.

Since the upkeep of such a place with so many tombs requires much attention, there are members known as conscripts. Conscripts are those who have little fear of the dead, the poor, the wretched or simply have nothing else to do than to help keep Sijan Town in good repair and help with the prayers to the dead. Conscripts are considered an extension to the Morticians Order, though they have little training in manner of extent as the Order themselves. Most of their duties are keeping the grounds clean, weeds and other undesirable items picked and trimmed, and knowledge in the basic offerings and prayer to the dead. They do not handle the dead directly, and to designate them from the order, they are made to wear black gowns with gray cloaks. The conscripts tend to be poor and have little money to have their own homes, so most conscripts live among the Morticians who hold home in the dormitory. Now not all conscripts live within the dormitory, some who have families or hold enough money for a home do live outside the dormitory, however remain close enough to Sijan Town so they can continue to perform their duties.

Besides the Conscripts are the black Guard, the black guard are the guardians of Sijan Town, trained in protecting the tombs of the dead and making sure no one desecrates the tombs either. Most times Black Guards do not leave Sijan Town on official duty, however it is known that some, who are more suited for such investigative work, do slip outside the district to track down bands of thieves or those who seek to profane the dead. Like the conscripts the Black Guard remain with the morticians in the dormitory, however also, if they have the money or a family, they can live outside the district so long as they can perform their duties still. Now, besides the living black guard there remain three ghosts who are trained nemissaries, working to keep others from raiding any other tombs, which seems to be their drive since theirs were raided so long ago.

The Morticians, though not the majority, are the head of Sijan Town, the ‘Nobles’ if you will within it. They have their day to day duties just like they do within Sijan, however since there are so few of them within Sijan Town, counting twelve in total, each Observance learns a bit more about a different Observance, giving the Morticians of Nexus a more rounded aspect in order to help alleviate some weights of another observance. The only Observance that has no levitation are the Deadspeakers, who are highly trained and few between since their Observance tends to be more esoteric. Now the Morticians tend to remain in the dormitories, even if their married. The wife (or husband) stay within the dormitory, living within the same room as the Mortician, however should a Mortician be expecting a child, than arrangements are made for them to live outside the district so a child can be raised.

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