Firewander And Fae

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Firewander And Fae

Postby Lebaron » Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:19 pm

The Court of the Burning City:
Ever since the defeat of Hollow and the activation of the Sword of Creation there has been a major wyld zone around the old capital building and several smaller ones that dot firewander. It is not sure how many fae to refuge in these zones to flee the Sword. What is known is that for the first few centuries they were relatively quiet. All attempts to go into the zones to reclaim them failed horribly but they did not venture out very much. That all changed a few hundred years ago they started venturing out more. The conflict of them taking people and the council trying to stop them soon reached a head and an agreement was reached for a peace of sorts. They were allowed to take a certain amount of people each month, the council would receive payment of gossamer items to recoup the families and such but they rarely make it that far. The people taken would then be given to the guild for them to sell as slaves. The people of Firewander fear the fae with abandonment. To them they could be taken by them for any reason and eaten. The councils act to make a fae the protector of Firewander has stirred a lot of unrest. Many of the poor see this as just another sign that the council doesn’t care what happens in firewander, and only sees them as food to keep the fae at bay. Unrest has started to grow especially in the criminal element.
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