Mental Defenses Ruling requested.

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Mental Defenses Ruling requested.

Postby Veritas1980 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:22 am

if player uses the following charm (scroll of the monk p106):

Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3;
Type: Refl exive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Emotion, Obvious
Duration: One action
Prerequisite Charms: Dulcet Nightingale Form
Beginning softly in a minor key, the Nightingale’s voice calms every listener whose Dodge MDV is lower than his (Charisma + Martial Arts). Soldiers drop their weapons, and vicious beasts sink to their haunches and bow their heads. Everyone can still act, but they have no desire to attack anyone, or even to speak cruelly. Most will placidly go about their business, speaking little so they can hear the music better. Characters lulled by the serene aria can spend a Willpower point to take any= offensive action, but they cannot wholly shake off its effects. Such actions suffer an internal penalty of the affected character’s own (Compassion + Temperance). Someone who is entirely fi xed on violence can eventually break through the effect, though. If, in one scene, a character spends more Willpower points to take offensive action than the Nightingale’s Martial Arts score, then she becomes immune to this Charm for the rest of the scene. If a character with this Charm has not learned the Charm Resounding Songbird’s Cry, she suffers a -1 penalty to the number of bonus dice she receives for channeling Willpower through her Valor and Conviction. This penalty stacks with other Virtue penalties imposed by Charms of this style and is in effect regardless of whether the character is actually using the Charm.

to stop a fight between two solars, one on the side of justice and the other fleeing from it..

The Solar on the side of justice has righteous lion defense protecting an intimacy that is a zeal for justice. stopping the attempt to apprehend the fugitive would go against that intimacy. core book page 199

Cost: —; Mins: Integrity 3, Essence 1; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None
To the Solar Exalted, “death” and “surrender” are almost the same thing. This Charm helps a character hold fast to her fundamental Intimacies in the face of temptation. The player picks one of the character’s Intimacies when purchasing this Charm. For the purposes of this Solar Charm, this loyalty must be to an ideal—not to a person or a love, but sometimes to a relationship; not to a tribe or city, but sometimes to the nation she might build of them; not to a battle or a war, but to the extinction of one foe or the conquest of a great region. (Other Exalted have versions of this Charm that support different commitments.) This Charm allows the character to treat mental influence to betray or forsake that Intimacy as an unacceptable order (see p. 180). If the character voluntarily abandons that Intimacy or it becomes obsolete, this Charm ceases to function until, first, a new story begins and, second, the character chooses a new Intimacy to which the Charm applies. Players can also shift this Charm to a new Intimacy at any time by spending one experience point. Players can purchase this Charm a second time to reinforce one additional Intimacy. Any further loyalties require more specialized magic.

Would this allow the solar that is acting in accordance to his zeal for justice intimacy to ignore the nightingale practitioner's charm effect? NOTE: combat had already started.
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Re: Mental Defenses Ruling requested.

Postby Godna » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:29 am

It may be important to also include the charm impending silence.
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Re: Mental Defenses Ruling requested.

Postby Veritas1980 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:39 am

Godna wrote:It may be important to also include the charm impending silence.

Cost: 15m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4;
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Emotion, Obvious
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Aria of Tranquility, Resounding
Songbird’s Cry
At the end of the world, there will be no sound at all. With a slicing gesture, sealing her lips closed, the Silver-Voiced Nightingale cuts off all the sounds around her, drawing forth a small part of the terrible silence to come. For everyone within (Martial Arts x 10) yards of the martial artist, the world becomes utterly silent. They feel isolated, surrounded by strangers and unable to comprehend the despair that has descended upon them. Some sink to their knees; some cry helplessly. They remain inactive until the end of the scene. A threat of imminent lethal damage can break the will-less despondency, as can touching an affected person and saying his name, but even these measures cannot enable the freed person to hear anything until he leaves the area around the martial artist. Spending more Willpower points than the Nightingale’s Martial Arts score also lets a character defeat the emotional effect. Note, however, that characters normally spend just one Willpower point per action, and the character cannot take other actions until he spends all the necessary points. Characters with a higher Dodge MDV than the Nightingale’s Martial Arts can act before then, but they still must spend a Willpower point for every action they take until they spend enough points to overcome the effect entirely. At the Storyteller’s discretion, extras or un-Exalted mortal characters who suffer Impending Silence for its duration may be traumatized enough to suffer long-term mental effects such as catatonia or recurring nightmares. Although it feels totally silent, the area is not actually hushed. People simply cannot perceive sound. Therefore, the Silver-Voiced Nightingale may use all Charms of this
style with impunity. Other practitioners of the style may use Charms from this style as well, as long as they have freed themselves from the emotional effects of this Charm.

There probably needs to be a ruling on if the charms in this style count as Unnatural Mental Influence or not. Given the massive willpower costs, I would say yes, but that's up to the ST staff to decide.
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Re: Mental Defenses Ruling requested.

Postby Godna » Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:38 pm

Got an answer from at least Jinx.

9:16 AM Xen: anyway I've got a question for one or both of you STs

9:16 AM Xen: just a ruling question

9:18 AM Xen: is Righteous Lion defense a perfect defense?

9:19 AM Xen: because last night a circumstance came up that I felt would be a situation for a ess+abil roll off

9:19 AM Night Blossom.: I'm just an admin so you gotta ask Jinx

9:20 AM Xen: ight

9:20 AM Virtuous Ruby: No. it mystically enforces an intimacy.

9:21 AM Virtuous Ruby: It makes any influence to betray that intimacy an 'unacceptable order.'

9:21 AM Xen nods

9:22 AM Xen: So would it allow you to just   nosell something like Aria of tranquility or impending silence?

9:22 AM Kharble Spider: Like anchovies to Intimacy: Pizza

9:25 AM Night Blossom.: .

9:26 AM Night Blossom.: .

9:26 AM Night Blossom.: wtf... now websites aren't working

9:29 AM Virtuous Ruby: No. No it wouldn't.

9:44 AM Virtuous Ruby: Righteous Lion Defense will not allow someone to go 'lolnope' in the face of a charm. I mean, Aria of Tranquility or Impending Silence are specific effects. what's his charm empowering, anyways? An intimacy towards 'never be at peace?'

9:44 AM Virtuous Ruby: or 'never be afraid?'

9:45 AM Xen: I believe it was to let a criminal go uncaptured.

9:45 AM Xen: considering his zeal for justice

9:46 AM Virtuous Ruby: ...

9:46 AM Virtuous Ruby: Given that neither charm forces him to do such? >_>

9:47 AM Xen: amusingly enough he wasn't even the intended target...the charm is just a bit indiscriminate.

9:50 AM Virtuous Ruby: Yeah. after re-reading the charms, neither one explicitly gives someone an order, but I could see a justification of him treating the immobility effect of Impending Silence as an Unacceptable Order if he's in the pursuit of a criminal. Aria of Tranquility, however? No. That one just forces you to not be violent. Nothing says you can't still try to bring someone in peacefully.

9:50 AM Virtuous Ruby: It's called *talking.*

9:52 AM Xen: well the criminal had made it clear that they had no intent of surrendering.

9:59 AM Virtuous Ruby: Then he can spend the WP to initiate hostility.

9:59 AM Xen nods

9:59 AM Xen: He did kinda start the hostility in the first place

10:02 AM Virtuous Ruby: Ultimate point is? No. righteous Lion Defense will not allow one to ignore Aria of tranquility.
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Re: Mental Defenses Ruling requested.

Postby Veritas1980 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:32 pm

Duly noted, if he had spent the willpower to fight and I didn't and he had hurt me you would have felt really bad I think lol
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Re: Mental Defenses Ruling requested.

Postby Godna » Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:33 pm

Totally woulda have. T_T
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