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*Game Announcement*

Postby admin » Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:01 pm

2013 is slowly drawing to a close and we will celebrate our 3rd winter.

Congratulations! You are all doing awesomely and it's been so much fun watching the way your chars have grown and evolved.

Now, I feel that I would be remiss if I did not bring some important things to the attention of all of our players. Storylines.

Some of you are not aware that there are Chat-wide storylines running, and that they run even if you focus on other things. Strange and frightening occurrences have been happening in the Crystal Park for a year now but some have been trying to keep it quiet. A group was compelled to visit Rathess over 6 months ago and what they found was horrible. Battle was fought, discoveries were made.... now what? There is a Dragon King ambassador, have you ever really spoken to him?. The Death Lord who squats over Lookshy like a fat spider has issued invitations to come enjoy her wonderful new home. Does this make your blood boil with anger?

Now, just because a scene ends and you think the storyline is over, doesn't mean that it is over and you can go look for something else to do.

No.. no noo.....Storylines are like herpes, they keep on running in the background until you least expect it and it pops up again to torment you even worse than before.

That is how many of the stories on the chat have been thus far. So, I feel that a word of warning is needed to you all. When you are in scenes and you see or learn things, don't toss it out of your head once the scene is seemingly over, because it just might not be over. Pass information on, Investigate strange happenings, work with your fellow Abby's, Lunars, Solars, Dragons and such because the facts that you ignore today, just may come back to bite you in the tooshie tomorrow!

I will say one thing that may be of some importance to a few of you.... "Circles are a good thing".

Also, I have had a lot of time to think this over, but Blossom/Zhou will not be available any longer to help with problems that might crop up in game. Until now, I have tried to make sure that information gained during scenes is not left to stagnate and keep people in the loop, but no longer. That task will have to be taken up by each and every one of you from now on. Blossom and Warden will not be of any help and will not be able to give any clues to the bad things that someone forgot to let others know about from the past scenes.

Okay! This is your chance to get out there and pick up clues, keep notes, figure out what dastardly plots have been sneaking up on you in the dark and save everyone like the Hero's you all are!

Remember - There are 2 Deathlords that want your home, The Realm just might decide to take another swipe at Denandsor one of these days, and He Who Controls The Spice, Controls The World!!

Game On.....
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