On the status and backstory with the Lookshyan Military

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On the status and backstory with the Lookshyan Military

Postby admin » Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:44 am

In case some players are not aware, the soldiers of the 7th legion are integrated as part of Denandsor's military. The structure for the combined forces that make up Denandsor's military is described in the wiki at http://www.ageofexalted.net/wiki/index.php/Military.

What this means is that nominally all soldiers are sworn in the chain of command ultimately to the Denandsorian Marshalls. Also note most of the Marshals are Lookshyans who formed the inital core of the Denandsor army. However, the army of Denandsor is more than just Lookshy's integrated forces and have grown with those that are not Lookshyans.

Many of the rank and file as well as a few Marshalls still identify themselves as part of the 7th Legion and act accordingly. However, all military forces are sworn to be part of Denandsor's military. In context of the game today, this represents an internal tension that may be explored as the sentiment to retake Lookshy grows more pronounced.

Players of characters who join the military as 7th legion automatically are considered integrated in Denandsor's military under Denandsor's command structure with a Marshall who share their point of view.

If during character creation or during extended play you are unaware of the distinction and need to discuss how this affects your character, please feel free to talk to an ST for advice.

As always, the character is free to have a differing opinion and identify any way they wish.
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