Forest destruction

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Forest destruction

Postby Sky » Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:41 pm

A sudden wind scattered clouds in an area of a few miles, at a distance of just a few miles south of Denandsor, recently.

Those deciding to explore came across a triangle of destruction in the forest - a couple of miles at each edge that everything was obliterated. Trees were reduced to splinters, down to the ground roots, grass and leaves were reduced to confetti, and there were a lot of worrisome blots of red color and a fine red mist, often accompanied by bits of fur or bones, or both. Hopefully no woodcutters or hunters were in the area.

Scholars mention the similarity of this situation with the results of the spell known as "Death of Obsidian Butterflies", but they are quick to mention that the area of effect is vastly greater, and there are no obsidian shards to be found.

Whether that act of destruction was related to the war (perhaps an intimidation attempt? The test of a new weapon or spell?), no one seems to be certain about.

...the nearby Elemental Court is bound to be upset, though.
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