The wheels of progress ever turning

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The wheels of progress ever turning

Postby Kavaar » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:52 am

With the recent Gold Seat elections finally over and Rose returning to the Council, there has been reports and sightings of the Automata within the city distributing small stones around the city, connecting them in some way to the conveniences of the city. The stones themselves hold a little light each night but the city is bathed in light from the street lamps every evening without fail, this has also extended to the docks area, where new devices have been installed for us, mechanical cranes that no longer needed manual labour but these wonderous stones that have come from from the city's factory cathedral and bear the mark of Lovadenai.

With the increase in essence infrastructure about the city, there has also been an increase in agricultural conveniences and productivity, with the Rods of Plenty being distributed among the farms to increase yields to supply the city and provide additional food to export and bring in additional wealth to the farmers and the city. But also no longer needing so much land to produce such abundance, the farmers have also been granted mechanical harvesters as well as the Marukani Graze Bush increasing other produce that the farmlands provide industry and hospitality. Lastly they have also been granted access to the Sunrise Coffee and Bush of Gaia's plenty to allow for vast variety of fruits, plants and vegetables to be exported from the single city. While the benefits are still yet to be seen, the success of the Sunlit Empire has many of the farmers clamouring for these extras so that they may better support themselves while still supporting the city that they're connected to.

With all of her work being distributed, Sunlit Rose was busy in searching out gems, though she had exacting requirements of the gems and not all were worthy of her search. There were reports that with an armload of these gems she made here way to speak with the Yugashi, several days after that meeting they withdrew from the third factory cathedral and disappeared, though some remain within the city, most are fighting in the war, leaving the Yugashi sector of the city a quiet lonely place. When or whether they will remain in the city is unknown, there have been sightings of some and anyone who strays into their area is politely but firmly rebuffed. Work has begun on restoring the third factory cathedral and with it the essence based defenses of the city powered by its manses.

While the war is still raging, Rose's forces have been on the frontline but she herself has seldom needed to participate and has stayed home to ensure that everything runs smoothly, entering the city again has made those who have lived in fear of the war looming on their doostep breathe a little easier as she brings a little more normality into their lives, even if just for the briefest of moments to have a chance to look to the future beyond war.
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