Sights from the front

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Sights from the front

Postby Sunlight » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:54 am

Even as battle rages on, anyone at the front was treated to a spectacular view as something rose into the sky from beyond the front and clash with at least one cataclysmic glow of deathly energy. Soldiers report the earthshaking with enough force to scare horses and topple to unsteady as the tower-sized thing struck the ground. Later, there was no sign of it and for a time, the Mask's forces have pulled back in disarray.

In other news, those attuned to the realm of the dead hear tales of a different struggle; of a vast, shambling horde of ravenous ghouls cut down and turned to ash in a titanic and decisive battle. Light, glorious and golden, was seen spearing the underworld gloom like heavenly pillars, mixing with the glow of a bath of fire so fierce the it branded the rock with a molten glaze.
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Re: Sights from the front

Postby fritzeig » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:48 pm

As the fighting moves away from the front at the Grey and further inland to the west, the forces of Kel pull back, acting a little strangely as even the airships associated with the nation traverse the front where other ships were downed in the fighting.

Soon thick ropes were descending from the ships and secured about the ships on the ground, beginning a recovery process of any ships that had anything of value to repair damaged ships or ships that could themselves be repaired, taking all ships back to Kel, the ground forces assisting in the recovery process.

While many knew that there would only be one person who could command the troops to do such a thing while the fighting was still raging elsewhere, there were still a few who asked the questions, to be quickly reminded that the Sang was still a commanding force in the allied forces, if anyone was caught being idle nearby, then the forces of Kel would command them with a writ from Sang to assist.

Soldiers soon lost interest and curiosity when they'd realised that they would have to work on the recovery of the ships.
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